The effect of nutrition on your offspring

What is the effect of the Hunger Winter?

Children born in the Hunger Winter are generally thicker and more likely to have cardiovascular disease and strokes, Roseboom discovered. “Usually in the uterus the diet is a prediction for what follows later. If you get little food from your mother, it is likely that it will be later and then it is a very smart adjustment. However, if it turns out to be better in the end, it seems that it can turn against you. Hunger winter children have an innate preference for fat eating and also an economical metabolism. This can still be measured sixty years later. If you let them fill in very extensive dietary lists, then they indeed eat more fat. “

Healthy eating for your offspring

The outcome of the research also affects the pregnant women of today. For example, Japanese women often try to arrive very little during pregnancy. In Japan they see that the average birth weight goes down, so they worry about that. Roseboom: “I understand that women do not like to get fat during pregnancy, but that is just that and that is about. It is extremely important that you are healthy and eat healthy during this period, because it not only affects you, but also your child and even your grandchildren. “