That way you make the FODMAP diet easier

The FODMAP elimination diet sounds familiar to everyone with irritable bowels. By following this diet for a number of weeks, you can figure out unknown triggers. There is one but: the diet is anything but easy. What do you need to know before you start this diet? And how do you survive without too much trouble?

Years ago, the FODMAP diet was developed at Monash University in Australia. It is now known worldwide and is recommended to many people with irritable bowel syndrome . The FODMAP diet is focused on foods containing certain sugars that can attract a lot of water; FODMAPs. These molecules are food for bacteria, so you can suffer from gas formation and diarrhea. The first few weeks of this diet you only eat foods that contain very few FODMAPs. If you have fewer complaints, you look at how you respond to the different FODMAPs. One by one you add them to your diet. This way you discover which food you can and can not eat.

Not just cabbage and dairy

According to Mirte Kaan, FODMAP nutritionist and writer of ‘Cookbook for a quiet stomach’, the FODMAP diet can be a solution for people with irritable bowels: “Nutrition is often the trigger, but often it is difficult to really connect . Bread, cabbage and dairy are well-known triggers, but by only reducing or omitting these foods, people usually experience little improvement. Unknown triggers are known by following the FODMAP elimination diet for a few weeks. More than 75 percent of people have fewer complaints because of this. “

Eating food with FODMAPs as little as possible is not easy. Kaan therefore recommends that you use a habituation week before you start the diet. “This way you can take time to look up recipes, go shopping and prepare some dishes. In addition, it is useful to use a shopping list when shopping, that saves a lot of research. “It is also important not to be too strict for yourself if you follow the diet:” Too strict for yourself or too much worry, does not make any sense. That only makes the stomach pain worse. Nutrition can play a big role in irritable bowel, but stress remains the number one trigger. Therefore, try to stay calm. Make a mistake once, just pick up the thread again. “

The FODMAP diet: that’s how it becomes a breeze

  1. Prepare your meal. Kaan: “Mealpreppen is essential if you follow the FODMAP diet. You can temporarily not eat many products that you were used to eating. In addition, ready-made products are often a no-go. Preparing different meals ahead of time does not go wrong if you are hungry. For example, make delicious FODMAP-poor crackers, soup, granola and muffins. “
  2. Do not do it alone. “Always look for good guidance from a dietitian who specializes in FODMAP. A dietitian helps you understand the diet well, has weekly menus and can help you create a customized daily menu. Together is always better than alone. “
  3. Prepare yourself well when you are eating. “View the menu in advance or possibly already discuss with the chef before you go to the restaurant. Indicate that you can not have lactose, wheat, onion and garlic in your dishes. Then you have passed the largest FODMAP triggers. “