Is facial yoga the trick against wrinkles?

As normal as it is to train your abdominal, buttock and leg muscles in the gym, so unusual is a workout for the muscles in your face. Research into the effects of facial yoga makes us believe that change needs to be made. For example, researchers from Northwestern University learned 32 facial exercises to a group of women between the ages of 40 and 65. They were instructed to do facial yoga a couple of times a week for twenty weeks. For these exercises the subjects needed about thirty minutes. After twenty weeks, a group of dermatologists looked at the before and after photos of the subjects. They did not know in what order the photos had been taken. Women were estimated to be three years younger on the after-photos.

Natural botox

That facial yoga helps to reduce wrinkles and make you look younger, according to health psychologist and yoga therapist Lizzy Wakefield is not crazy: “Without it we sometimes have some muscles in our faces too much and we relax them too little. Which muscles these are can vary per person. For example, one person spans the jaw muscles unnoticed and the other the eyes. How and how much you contract the muscles in your face not only affects wrinkles, but can also cause headaches or sleep problems. Through facial yoga, the muscles in your face become firmer, you can relax them better and your face gets better blood circulation. It works as a natural botox. “

The more often your facial yoga does, the better you get to know the muscles in your face. Practice makes perfect. Wakefield: “After a period of practice, you suddenly think: ‘I always make a frown, how do I actually relax that area?’. Face yoga makes you much more aware of how you use the muscles in your face. “

Face yoga in the supermarket

From your forehead to lower lip, for almost all muscles in the face there is an exercise. But do these exercises also have an effect if you already have deep frown wrinkles and crow’s feet? “Things that are already there can be less. I can not promise you completely. You also should not expect changes from one day to another, because it is slow. The big advantage of face yoga is that I feel comfortable and easy. Do it after you have smeared your face with cream, if you are in the car or if you are in line of the supermarket. Some exercises look crazy and others are very subtle. Nobody has it! “

6 facial yoga exercises against wrinkles, bags and under-chin

Do you want to tighten and relax the muscles in your face more often? Then try these exercises from Lizzy Wakefield. You can repeat the exercises as often as you like. If necessary, build up the repetitions per exercise. For example, start with five times or five seconds per exercise. Tip: keep breathing through your nose during the exercises.

1. Exercise against ramparts: “Put your thumb, index and middle finger on the skin under your eyes. Gently pull the skin down and at the same time try to close your eyes firmly. “

2. Exercise against a double chin: “Put your neck slightly forward and jaw up a little, make a smiling mouth. Hold this exercise a few in and out breaths. “

3. Exercise against frown lines : “Open your eyes as wide as possible without frowning your eyebrows”. Or: make a frown and ‘pull’ this frown away with your fingertips in at least five seconds. From the center of your face, towards the side of your head. “

4. Exercise against lines under your nose: “Make a big smile and bring your mouth corners to your ears. Spread your eyes and look cheerful. “

5. Exercise for the whole face: “Breathe in through your nose, close your eyes and tighten all facial muscles. Make fists of your hands. Breathe out through your mouth, open your eyes wide and stick your tongue as far as possible. “

6. Exercise for a wrinkle-free mouth: “Make the sound ‘ooo’ and the sound ‘aaa’ with or without sound.”