Combine these two natural ingredients to have soft and beautiful feet

Although it is enough to apply the treatment three times a week, for best results it is ideal to do it every day, even if we do not have corns, as a form of prevention.

We can not deny that although we want to have soft, beautiful feet, they  are one of the most neglected parts of the body , although they are the main support that allows us to walk every day.We know they are exposed to dust, dirt and other environmental factors that harm the health of the skin that protects them.

The problem is that, little by little, they lose their natural moisture and develop ugly changes like cracked heels, calluses and fungi.

Because of this, many people see the need to invest in expensive professional pedicure products and treatments that help improve their appearance.

However, there are 100% natural solutions that allow us to regenerate them in our homes, and without having to spend too much.

This is the case of an interesting treatment of milk and baking soda , whose exfoliating action removes dead skin and gives softness to the feet.

The following will share the details of its benefits and the simple formula to prepare it. Are you encouraged to try it?

What are the benefits of this foot treatment?

This natural remedy to improve the state of the feet is elaborated combining the properties of the milk with the astringent and antiseptic power of the sodium bicarbonate.

These two ingredients are totally environmentally friendly and can be purchased at very modest prices in any store or supermarket.

Benefits of milk

Milk is an ingredient rich in essential fats, proteins and vitamins that restore damaged skin to relieve dryness and other changes.

Its main active, lactic acid, is an agent that regulates the natural pH to improve the absorption capacity and change the environment conducive to the proliferation of fungi.

It contains about 30% of the proteins required for the production of collagen and elastin , two key compounds for skin health.

Its use in the feet decreases roughness, takes care of the cuticles and creates a protective layer in front of the infections.

It should be noted that milk also has a whitening power that favors the elimination of dead skin and blemishes.

Benefits of Baking Soda

This white powder is one of the best natural remedies to soften the hard skin of the feet and eliminate calluses.

Thanks to its antibiotic and antifungal properties, sodium bicarbonateeliminates the presence of fungi in both the skin covering the feet and nails.Its exfoliating action removes dead cells and offers a renewed look for soft, clean and beautiful feet.

How to prepare the treatment of milk and baking soda to have soft feet?

Now that we know the benefits of this interesting treatment, it is time to pass the prescription so that we can elaborate it correctly.

At the general level, it is advisable to apply it three times a week to achieve soft feet over time. In case you have callus or dryness, it is advisable to apply it every day until you notice the results.


  1. 3 cups milk (750ml)
  2. 3 tablespoons baking soda (30g)


  1. First, you should warm the milk cups until they reach a bearable temperature for the feet.
  2. Then put the milk in a large container and soak the feet for five to ten minutes.
  3. After this time, incorporate baking soda and make gentle foot massages.
  4. If you find it convenient, you can rub them with a pumice stone to facilitate the removal of the calluses.
  5. Let them soak for another five minutes and remove the excess with a damp cloth.
  6. Next, take a clean towel and make sure to leave them well dry.
  7. We advise you to do this treatment at night so your feet are perfect for the next day.
  8. After this process, apply a small amount of vaseline to enhance its humectant effect.

For best results …

  1. Use this treatment several times a week, even if you do not have calluses or similar problems.
  2. If calluses are frequent, check your shoe and make sure it is comfortable and ventilatedToo tight shoes influence the deterioration of the feet.
  3. Add a little corn starch inside the closed shoes to absorb moisture and avoid fungi.
  4. Remember to pay special attention to the nails , as their hygiene is crucial for the prevention of fungal infections .

Do you continue with your feet full of calluses and imperfections? Incorporate this natural remedy into your routine and beauty and prove that it is possible to improve your appearance in a short time.