6 greatest health myths you need to know

Health myth 1: Reading without a light bulb is bad for your eyes

Readers hear it all too often: reading in the dark is harmful to your eyes. This is a persistent misunderstanding. If there is little light, your pupils become wider. This allows them to absorb more light. The result is that you see less contrast and can focus less well. It is often said that this increases the chance of myopia . Reading in the half-dark does require more effort, but if you give your eyes a rest, they will recover automatically. Your eyes therefore remain healthy, although reading with a light bulb is a bit more relaxed.

Health myth 2: The hours that you sleep before noon count double

You sleep deeper and firmer the first few hours of your sleep, which gives you extra peace of mind. These hours therefore count ‘heavier’. At what time you go to sleep , does not matter. Whether you crawl under the wool at ten o’clock or at three o’clock at night.

Health Myth 3: You get cancer from deodorant

There has been a lot of unrest about the relationship between deodorant and breast cancer. The ingredients of deodorants, such as parabens and aluminum chlorohydrate, would be harmful and cause cancer. According to the KWF it is very unlikely that parabens applied to the skin through cosmetics can reach the breast tissue. In both research by the American Cancer Society and the American National Cancer Institute, no association was found between the use of deodorant and breast cancer, even when the armpit is depilated.

Health Myth 4: A glass of wine a day is healthy

That a glass of wine a day is healthy for your heart and vessels is a stubborn myth. René Kahn, professor of psychiatry, told health-and-health recently that there are two small-scale studies that claim that a glass of red wine a day is healthy. The media has hyped these investigations. If, according to Kahn, something works on the barrels, it is the alcohol and not the red wine.

Health Myth 5: You must wash your vagina with soap

In the drug store there are plenty of remedies for sale that allow you to wash your vagina . But is this necessary? No! The vagina is self-cleaning, so soap is absolutely not necessary. It even disturbs the vaginal flora and therefore increases the chance of complaints. You do not need more than lukewarm water.

Health myth 6: Only in the sun you still have sunburn

Only lubricating with sunburn when the sun shines is not enough. By entering the sun unprotected, the skin ages earlier and increases the risk of skin cancer. Approximately ninety percent of skin aging is caused by the sun, because about 80 percent of the UV rays pass through the cloud cover. It is therefore a good idea to apply sunscreen every day. Whether summer, winter or autumn.