Day: August 30, 2018

Hiking through the mountains as a medicine

Ten days of walking fourteen kilometers with heavy packs on your back, through the Pyrenees, sleeping outside and eating only natural food. It would be a way to deal with slumbering infections and possibly even be a cure for lifestyle diseases. At least, that is an experiment by physiotherapist Leo Pruimboom. Too good […]

This way you reduce the chance of a stroke

Many diseases manifest slowly; it starts with vague complaints and signals. This is not the case with a stroke. Both a cerebral haemorrhage and a cerebral infarction occur suddenly, all at once. Then the complaints follow. Neurologist Heleen den Hertog explains what you need to know about a stroke. Heleen den Hertog is a neurologist […]

First Aid for Hair Problems

What do you feel when you get a hand through your hair? And what do you think when you look at your hair in the mirror? Satisfied, or is it a little shinier, thicker and healthier? You’re not the only one! Are you literally with your hands in the hair? Get them out now and […]

How do you clean your ears properly?

No cotton swab With a cotton swab burrowing deep into your ears is absolutely wrong. Earwax has multiple functions. It works water-repellent, protects the thin, vulnerable ear canal from dehydration, prevents dust, dirt and insects and ensures the defense of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Cleaning your ears regularly is not necessary. Only if […]

10 golden tips for healthy intestines

Take the time for a meal, chew well, drink enough fiber and drink a lot. Voila; the ingredients for a smooth digestion. But it is not easy. We worry a little with our intestines. What are the hidden causes of intestinal complaints? These 10 tips let your intestines perform optimally again. 1. Avoid light products Chips, […]